final fantasy

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  1. NemesisSP

    Possible Updated Ivalice Games?

    Since many people are wanting SE to start on remastering FFXII (if they haven't already, that is), I got to thinking about other possible games set in Ivalice that could benefit from an update too. The Tactics games so far have only had the first game be updated beyond being available on the...
  2. TheOvermind

    Re-live the game that started it all! (video)

    Hello everyone! I've been feeling rather nostalgic about final fantasy lately, so i decided to make Lets play videos of the entire series! Come re-experience it with me, starting with the game that began it all! On the NES of course. Cant have things too easy XD. Also starting off with a...
  3. DailyFillup

    Why Nobuo Uematsu Must be Involved in FFVII Remake Music

    Hey everyone - this is my first thread here. I made this video to put into words why I think Nobuo Uematsu should be involved in the FFVII Remake. I've had lots of people agreeing with me, but also those who favor Shimomura to arrange for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Ishimoto, even Okabe or...
  4. Lulcielid


    Just like we have been doing previously, this is the thread for anything FINAL FANTASY XV from TOKYO GAME SHOW. With the event only being 3 weeks away, i made this thread in preparation for the event. See you posting later. :happymog: Here is the link to the livestream.
  5. Lulcielid

    FINAL FANTASY VII Machinabridged

    Presented by TeamFourStar, the same group responsible for Dragon Ball Z abridged brings to us their take on one of the most popular entry of the FINAL FANTASY franchise, the first episode is schedule for september. Trailer
  6. Lulcielid


    Since this game seens to have the attention of us all , why don't we have a general thread for this game ? From now on post anything relate to this game here please. Also HYPE :happymog: !