final fantasy

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  1. MotleyMoxxi

    Hiiiii everyone!

    Hi everybody! I'm Moxxi & I am super excited to find a Final Fantasy/Square Enix forum. I was a member of Square Source like a billion years ago & totally miss the forum-esque community. I'm hoping to share ideas, learn new things, connect & make some friends!
  2. Noktis.Ouji

    Upcoming Remakes and possibilities of them

    Since FFVIIR is already on and well in development.. rumours have spread around about what's next.. To add to that Mr. Katano, director of XII, had a comment earlier saying: “[Final Fantasy 12] is a PS2 title, and you look at the other titles in the series and technologically anything before...
  3. Noktis.Ouji

    DISSIDIA Final Fantasy..anything?

    Hello .. Dissidia as some of you may know started on PSP then PSV then (a newer instalment) on ARCADE.. it was rumoured, or ..real talk?... a lot in 2015-2016 that it's coming to PS4 with story mode (For this instalment of Dissidia SE collaborated with KoiTecmo ).. Now, is there any news...
  4. Noktis.Ouji

    What did you name your pets?

    Whether it is XV or other FF instalments where you could name your pets, What did you name your Chocobo and Carbuncle?
  5. Noktis.Ouji


    Wanna know all about old FF and all recent news about new FF! Discuss theories or need some help with a quest! Your favourites! best and worst! Share your art or talk your ships! A space where you can waste your time without feeling guilty.. Discord Server
  6. BladeRunner

    Mobius Final Fantasy is out on Steam

    Square's most successful (apparently) mobile title makes it to PC. F2P with gacha mechanics. Steam page I'm downloading right now. Can't say I have high expectations but I'm curious to try it.
  7. Lulcielid

    Nintendo Switch and the possibility of a mainline entry on it

    I have no doubt that we will get something Final Fantasy related on the Switch, whether it be spin offs or ports from old titles but: What are the possibilities of a big budget mainline entry to be developed for Nintendo´s next gaming machine? (whether it be FFXVI or FFXXVIII)
  8. Claire Johnsson

    Final Fantasy XV "Will You Be There?" GMV (SPOILERS)

    Hello there i just wanted to share my Final Fantasy XV GMV. It contains spoilers if you haven't completed chapter 12 in game so I advise you not to watch it if you haven't :)! I hope you all will like it and if you got any critics bout the video i would love to hear it so that i can make the...
  9. BladeRunner

    Square Enix on why Dragon Quest hasn’t been as popular as Final Fantasy in the west

    Square Enix on why Dragon Quest hasn’t been as popular as Final Fantasy in the west, keeping the series fresh
  10. Jubileus

    Ch13+14: Niflheim &The Origin of Daemons Story Finds

    Replayed Ch13 recently and I decided to do a more thorough investigation of the labs and rooms in this part of the game. Learned some very interesting story parts concerning daemons and the Niflheim Empire from research notes and through Arydn's trolling and so I'm gonna post them all here...
  11. LeonBlade

    Share your Final Fantasy Legacy

    With Final Fantasy XV coming out in just a few weeks, Square Enix invited fans, developers and special guests alike to share their stories on how Final Fantasy has impacted their lives. Much like the games in the series, each of us has our own story to tell, young and old, from all around the...
  12. mozzafaralj

    The Legend Of Final Fantasy XV Trailer

    The Legend Of Final Fantasy XV Trailer
  13. SonOfEtro

    Mainline Final Fantasy Composer - Who Shall Be Next?

    Music is one of the key elements of the entire Final Fantasy franchise, and it has enabled the series to gain repute beyond the confines of mere games. From Uematsu to Shimomura, the mainline Final Fantasy titles have showcased the abilities of multiple composers, who have in turn often also...
  14. DailyFillup

    My Interview with Darin De Paul, the Voice of Ardyn Izunia in FFXV

    Hello everyone! I wanted to share this awesome opportunity I had at New York Comic Con last weekend because I think you guys will appreciate it. The incredible Mat and Kaori from Square Enix introduced me to Darin and we had a lovely conversation about Ardyn and his other work. He is truly a...
  15. SonOfEtro

    Square Enix Subseries; Opinion(s)

    I think everyone whose had contact with the Final Fantasy series this century knows that their attempts at subseries have met with decidedly mixed responses due to a variety of circumstances. Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy (and by extension the Final...
  16. Lulcielid

    Chances of FFXVI being announced in 2017?

    Square-Enix recently oppened an official 30th anniversary portal website for the Final Fantasy series, the franchise will celebrate its thirdty anniversary on December 18th (JP). By the time of the anniversary FINAL FANTASY XV would have been out for over a year. I mainly bring this up because...
  17. SonOfEtro

    E3 Wish List

    Only fifteen days left before the biggest mainstream gaming event on Earth, with all the big developers and publishers in attendance. Everyone's got their favorites that they want to be there, and everyone's got their dreams of what should be there. After last year's E3 did the seemingly...
  18. mozzafaralj

    Final Fantasy XV Fan Made Trailer

    Final Fantasy XV Fan Made Trailer Nier Automata Song