Come play Lightning Returns & talk to the developers, on us [UK]

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Sep 17, 2013
Bethany, Oklahoma
Being staff and all I'm not even remotely entering this for the tickets, I just want that trophyyyyy.

I think that Lightning would look fantastic in many of the above mentioned costumes, particularly that of Celes from FFVI, but I would also like to see her in:

~Ingus' default/Freelancer outfit from the remake of FFIII
~Both Squall and Rinoa's costumes, and possibly even Ultimecia's
~Auron's clothes from FFX
~Aqua's outfit from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, and alternatively Vanitas' Armor
~An Ashe costume, of course, but also a Balthier outfit from FFXII
~A collection of hat accessories like that reference the Crown class system of Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light
~Cosmos' clothes, and an outfit based on Chaos
~The outfit of the Half-Lilty, Half-Clavat princess in the original Crystal Chronicles
~The clothes of the villainess from the Chocobo Tales subseries whose name I absolutely can't remember
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Sep 26, 2013
I can't make it either (what the hell, UK, why you gotta be across an entire ocean?!), but I'll list a few outfits that I'd love to see Lightning wearing, from past FF games:
  • Tifa Lockhart's FFVII or Advent Children outfit. We know Lightning is experienced in at least basic martial arts, why not let her go all-out in a monk's outfit? Plus, I miss watching Lightning punch people. :)
  • Princess Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca's gorgeous FFXII outfit. Those two have so much in similar, and the pink skirt would match Light's hair. :) That, and if you put in two FFVII outfit there'd better be at least one from FFXII!
  • Paine's outfit from FFX-2. Her and Lightning are fairly similar, and Paine is Would be nice if Lightning could don a more rocker/punk style in Nova Chrysalia.
  • Rinoa or Squall's outfits from FFVIII. The second, because after all, if you put Cloud's outfit in LR, Squall should be there, too. Oh yeah, and Storm and Thunder. Wait, what?
  • A Black Mage outfit was revealed, but where's the love for the White Mage outfit? I'd like it to be more traditionally styled, and although Serah looked great in hers in XIII-2, I'd prefer something like Yuna's White Mage outfit in FFX-2, like a full robe with a hood.
  • Fran's armor/outfit from FFXII, because she needs more love. That, and BUNNY ears.
  • TYPE-0 outfit, damnit! And if it's meant to be, please oh please SE, put that woman in Sice's shoes, and give this woman a scythe! Even Seven, who's pretty similar to Lightning, has an awesome outfit. Complete with a Type-0/Agito decoy moogle? :D
Those are just what I'd like to see. I'd love a Bayonetta 1 or 2 outfit since Bayo 2 is coming out soon, but that's probably pushing it...


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Oct 4, 2013
World B
I just want the trophy, like Ehren. I really can't think of anything other than Squall and, like Sapientia said, a White Mage outfit, even though you can't make an ability set to match. You know, for nostalgia. All the other major Mage types are getting some love, and there's even a Paladin garb.
Oct 11, 2013

Marche costume please, I loved FFTA for all it was worth.

My reason for it being a costume unlock?
The sword is probably the best bit of this costume - it looks more like a glass club than a sword, and if it were glass it would be ridiculously heavy.... so it must be a crystal right? Everything in FF comes from crystals. Plus with law cards that could tie in to the move set... maybe?

P.S. I can definitely make it to the event, London-local here.
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Oct 11, 2013
The costume that I would love to see depicted in the game of Lightning Returns is Auron's costume from Final Fantasy 10 I believe that Auron was a wonderful character who had some of the same personality traits that Lightning does. Like Lightning he is serious, but determined and kind.They are both guardians who will protect those they love at any cost. Lightning was not only in the Guardian Corps but she also guarded Etro in Valhalla while Auron was the best guardian there ever was and guarded Yuna and Tidus during their journey. Additionally it would be nice to see lightning wearing sunglasses and carrying some sake around :)

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