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May 26, 2014
I hope the next five films maintain the level of quality, though I'm guessing I'll judge the next one (whenever it comes out) a little more harshly than I did this one since I'll be done squealing like a fan girl by then... or maybe I won't be.
Nope, still not done squealing. Just watched Determination and it was amazing!

- Animation and style were obviously pretty much the same. The animation ranged from pretty good to pretty janky, but I really liked how they did the backgrounds in the scene where Joe and Mimi talk by that river.

- I really got into the story around the middle and definitely near the end.
Dunno why I thought Leomon might survive this one. But crap, the way they handled it was pretty unexpected! I'm interested to see how everything is connected to Meicoomon, and it's very obvious that Himekawa knows a lot more than she wants everyone else to think she knows. Right when Leomon dies you can see her smile for a split second...

- New Kaiser and Hackmon creeping around was actually very unnerving! In fact, the handling of the very end of the film was (surprisingly!) highly creepy/discomforting, which was fantastic. Totally thought New Digimon Kaiser/Emperor would be Joe though... lol. Turns out it's just Ken(?) I dunno, that's just so obvious... There has to be a bigger twist waiting there. Though Imperialdramon was there, so... I really don't know.

- Anyway, despite how much I loved the later parts of the film, the first bit didn't do much to draw me in. I guess it was ok though. The hot springs part didn't last too long. Could've done without all the "hilarious" anime shenanigans too, but I did like some of the more "cute" scenes with the Digimon, like Gomamon cooking (instant noodles, lol), Leomon chaperoning, Gabumon taking off his pelt, and Matt wondering how Gabumon did in the costume contest, War Game reference (Matt's grandma not having a computer), and more.

- As for the Digimon themselves: Meicoomon's voice is annoying. I think I kinda got used to it by the end though.

- Having to wait practically two full movies for Gomamon to get an evolution sequence was completely worth it. Gomamon and Palmon getting megas was great and I can't wait to see the other Digimons' mega forms.

- The battle with Imperialdramon was fairly obviously meant to evoke War Game, with all the kids sitting around watching it and just the space where it takes place. That's not to say that it rivaled War Game in any sense, or to say that it even came close, but hey, War Game is one of the best things ever to come out of the Digimon franchise, so I'm not complaining if they attempt to mime it slightly.

- Speaking of the weird digital space, I wonder if they'll go to the Digital World at all in the next four movies.

- Joe though. That physically hurt, especially when I remembered that his crest is reliability. I'm glad he came around, though I can't help but think that there was some sort of ironic subliminal message in his speech telling adult viewers to grow up and stop liking Digimon.

- This one was as much about Meiko as it was Mimi and Joe. She still isn't terribly interesting, but at least we learned a little more about her. What I really want to know is how she and Meicoomon really met. The Himekawa/Nishijima dynamic (and the Nishijima/kids dynamic) is turning out to be quite interesting, and I'm curious to see where it goes from here, especially if Himekawa turns out to be a villain.

- Was it just me, or did Taichi's voice sound kinda different compared to the first one?

- Teenage Wolves > World on the Knife > Knife of Day. I hope he changes the band name every chapter so I can keep a running ranking.

I am REALLY Disliking how Crunchyroll is handling the streaming. Breaking the OVA in 4 parts just breaks the pacing of the feature, even worse, they don´t cut where it would be fitting from a storytelling perspective, they just cut in the exact point where they can have their desired 25min mark.
I agree with you, but it was way better here than it was in Reunion. In fact, part 2 of Determination actually ends in a pretty good place story-wise. EDIT: What bothered me more was "Orgemon" (seriously Crunchyroll?) and "Oh my love" in the theme song when it's supposed to be "On my love." (I'll admit the latter's a bit nitpicky.)

Anywho, I think I'm very pleased with the way Tri is going so far. Can't wait until September 24th!
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May 26, 2014
Official Digimon Adventure Tri OVA 3 poster.
Dang! Hercules Kabuterimon looking cooler than ever. And Meicoomon (or is that an evolved form?) looks absolutely frightening! Patamon isn't evolved like the others have been on this poster and the last one, so I wonder what that means. Sure would be a kick in the nuts if Patamon died again. But then there was that teaser trailer... So I dunno, but I'm excited. The end of September is going to be good with this and Final Fantasy :) It makes sense that this one is going to focus on T.K. since he's done the least of any of them so far. I'm going to guess that Izzy will play a somewhat smaller role than T.K. will (since I feel like Izzy has gotten a fair bit of screentime in both films so far), though obviously there's going to be a battle between H. Kabuterimon and Meicoomon.

So far the characters' stories seem to have to do with the subversion of their crests. Tai (courage) is now a coward and Joe (reliability/sincerity) is now a no-show excuse-maker. The exception is Mimi, but then again her original crest never made any sense to begin with (wth is "purity" supposed to be anyway?)

Anywho, if the trend continues, Izzy (knowledge) should... turn out to be dumb? We've already seen that he's still really smart. He's interested in fashion (and girls) now, so maybe that'll have something to do with his character arc. Maybe he's only pretending to care about clothes so he can stop looking like such a nerd? T.K. (hope) should be an interesting one...

Also for Aprils Fools Team Four Star did an Abbridge of Our War Game movie
Saban already made an abridged version of Our War Game 15 years ago. ;)
May 26, 2014
How unexpected and surreal. I know he had cancer, but I still was not prepared for this news. It's so hard to believe that he's gone. Thank you and rest in peace.

May 26, 2014

The new Digimon (err... Appmon) look good/decent. Gatchmon (red cap guy) looks the best. Now the protagonist on the other hand...

There's also a fusion aspect like in Xros Wars, but I'm guessing this series is gonna keep it a bit more simple.

Seems like it's a sister series/sub-series to the standard Digimon shows, cause there's already a Digimon named Hackmon (who's in Tri and Cyber Sleuth actually). Guess that would explain the "Digimon Universe" header while "Appmon" is the main part of the title. Also looks like they're ditching the traditional type/attribute setup in favor of something new.

New anime comes out in October. I'll watch it just because I'll watch anything Digimon-related, but it probably won't be very good. But hey, can't be any worse than Hunters, right? Right? Please let it not be as bad as Hunters...

What do you guys think? Anyone interested in this?