Final Fantasy Versus XV Megathread

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Oct 1, 2016
if you want to trust so bad in any of the leaks, trust no other than OfLucii.

he revealed umbra would have a human form before someone posted a pic of the character for roberto ferrari, which also confirmed it.

his stories about FFXVs development and what he heard about Versus XIII plot are resonable as well, defintely the most trustworthy so far.
Which means that this observation about what we may get is akin to what he was talking about here:

Tl;dr: They couldn't finish the dungeon-ish/semi-open world chapter 14 WoR with all of the new timeskip designs, so this will likely be a big priority in the updates. They also didn't elaborate on the ending with the ghosts and the dead, which may mean we could get an extended ending of sorts as well. I honestly expect, regardless if this is true or not, to see a huge overhaul to chapter 14. It just makes complete sense and the easiest to do over a chapter 9-12 expansion (which I think they'll focus on too, but not before the WoR and the ending, simply because it'd be easier to imo).

Tbh i'm still skeptical of him too, and in regards to the Umbra part he only claimed he'd have been a party member, but specifically denied any knowledge of knowing about Umbra having a human form back then despite the pic being surfacing around that time of the rumour (which doesn't make sense).

Essentially its still a rumour, but better written at least.
He also leaked the entire plot 6 months prior to the game's release. It was right.
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May 27, 2014
Seriously, why and how do you eat this shit up lol?

They are not remaking FFXV, at all. Ever. Period. The game did well overall. They aren't going to remake its story for the sake of "fans" lol. Be happy that we are getting content updates and DLC next year. That is the most "versus XV" we'll ever get.
It still hurts me how bad they messed up xv, this helps me cope.


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Jul 14, 2015
Hoo boy.

He also leaked the entire plot 6 months prior to the game's release. It was right.
You're thinking of someone else.

he leaked all the main events of the story, you might as well say it was the "whole plot".
He technically didn't though, especially the ending which he was outright wrong on. Along with plenty of other things like the playtime, combat, map, etc.

At best that guy had second-hand info considering the stuff he actually did get right (like the first half of the plot) mixed with other less than credible claims. I'd hardly call him an Insider.


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Oct 26, 2013

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Developer Comments

In FF Versus XIII, we've gotten rid of [in-game] cutscenes that the player can't control.. "There will either be pre-rendered movies or realtime event scenes that the player can control. These scenes are part of a new gameplay feature which, as far as I know, hasn't been done anywhere else. It's something that allows for very natural changes in the game experience, a form of expression you don't really see in games. It's not something you can explain quickly since the experience can change with each situation, but you could say it leads to the sort of storytelling you see more in FPSes than in console RPGs".

"I suppose it's a matter of opinion, but I wind up skipping most cutscenes I run into because I want to get back into the game," he told Famitsu. "I don't think I'm the only gamer like that, and so I wanted storytelling that takes pains not to stop the gameplay. That way, gamers like that can still get into the event scenes in natural fashion. It's also a development time-saver. In the past, we'd make separate high-poly models for the cutscenes, but technology is now to the point where the only difference between the 'high-poly' and 'low-poly' models in FF Versus XIII is in the hair."
that really describes what FFXV has done isn't it, based on his words Versus XIII wasn't going to be cutscene heavy (of course giving Kingsglave wasn't a thing there would be more CGs).

i suppose thats why nomura said previously the scene with noctis / stella meeting was changed into a CG, because he only wanted pre-rendered movies or realtime events.

Since he prefers depicting friendships over love affairs, the former will play an important role in the game's story. The burden resting on the shoulders of the protagonist and his friends might be very heavy, but nonetheless Nomura also aims to realistically show the positive aspect of their friendship, too.
makes sense giving his previous works.
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Hey Everyone

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Dec 30, 2016
Unknown, Unknown
You know if Versus XV is trilogy like XV was supposed to be and if each part is great or at the very least very good then it would completely make up for the shit show that was the XIII Trilogy though sadly the rumor so far points to it being one game :( with a rewritten Versus XIII plot using all the assets from FFXV