Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

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White SeeD
May 2, 2016
Changing subject entirely. I've only recently noticed something about the recurring musical theme for Ardyn. While listening to it, I realized that in all the versions, there are bits that actually directly parallel "Omnis Lacrima". It's different notes, so it sounds like it goes off key when you compare the two, but they share almost identical rhythm. It's most noticeable in "ARDYN II" and later DLC versions, but the vanilla version has the same musical phrase. I think it's a nice musical nod for anyone clever enough to spot it.
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Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Mar 8, 2018
Not buying that. Improved-Armiger certainly wasn't high on the list either and it still got added, i can see those two added as updates to coincide with the individual 4 DLCs, there is no reason not to, especially when they aren't as demanding to include compared to the amount of heavy lifting needed for new story content.

We are even getting playable Luna & Aranea, both of which were shown as choices from last year's survey.
I'm sure we're getting a hard mode at some point. It shouldn't be too difficult to implement, plus, I'm sure people have said it enough for them to know that people want it. I guess it's just a matter of time. Though you'd think that'd be implemented when they added the Character Switching in.
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Chocobo Knight
Feb 23, 2018
It's really interesting to know they plan to add a progression system in the dlcs.
Because in 3 of them we will be playing as characters outside the main party, this time we could level up or equip new accesories without acting against the main game.
But what have me more curious is the lenght of this content. Having the option to farm in it means they plan to give us an area with things to do.


Forest Owl
May 26, 2014
Yeah if they're gonna possibly have level progression systems then sounds like they are much more substantial than the 2017 DLC Episodes, only DLC out of the 2017 stuff to have progression system was Comrades, and that was a whole expansion.

That's also one of the main reasons why they'd have to rework quite a bit of the 2017 DLC if they wanted to intergrate those Episodes into the main game.


Warrior of Light
Oct 26, 2013
I refuse to get my hopes up. Will wait for a trailer before judging.
tbh the dlcs did get better

"Once one project was done, we'd go to the next one. Some of the things that they couldn't achieve in the previous one, they'd apply those new learnings and they try new approaches for the next one."

that is really verifiable if you compare all the episode dlcs + royal pack, they gradually got better with Ep gladio being the weakest and Ep Ignis and Royal Pack the best; i still hate the alt events idea, but in terms of gameplay im expecting more meatier content.
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Site Staff
Oct 25, 2013
Blossvale, New York
I'm really surprised with how much control they're giving us with the modding tools. At first when I saw the "user treasure" I thought that it was pointless, but I saw it was just part of something bigger.

The golf they showcased shows us just how much control we have over modding the game. I wanted to look over the sped up footage from PAX to get an idea as to what the graph editor would allow us to do. I'll be making a separate thread about this and creating a place to talk about FFXV modding potential; basically a place to hype about modding.


White SeeD
May 2, 2016
Look at them having fun ;_;
Maan, I'd love them to make some more kingsglaive stuff. I felt like Glauca's betrayal should hurt more meh.
That would be nice. But I doubt SQEX would make anything extra. They're focusing on the next part of the game's DLC, which seems to be designed to end XV's saga.

If there's anything further related to Kingsglaive, then it might work best as a full sequel (purely hypothetical, and likely never to materialise). Ideal scenario; set after XV's canon ending, one of the main characters/lead character being a son or daughter (preferably daughter) of Drautos at a time when anti-Niflheim sentiment's raising its head without the larger threat of the Starscourge, and with one of the subplots being Libertus overcoming his lingering hatred of Drautos and making peace with his child.

The writers wouldn't have to look far for real-life inspiration for this scenario. People still hold grudges, justified and otherwise, against Germany for the events of World War 2, even though it's more than moved on and is practically a different country now.[SPOILER/]