Final Fantasy XVI - General News Thread

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Warrior of Light
Oct 26, 2013
So many things to say, but I need to rewatch it at least a hundred times.

First impression is FFXIV meets Dragons Dogma meets Vagrant Story.

My God.


Keyblade Master
Oct 28, 2013
Same guy who directed the Last Remnant. Glad he's getting another shot. I was afraid that because of Tabata's perceived failure of XV they wouldn't allow fresh blood to held the mainline games anymore. Happy to be very wrong on that front.
Feb 19, 2018
Saw a bit in the trailer where the MC was warping towards his target. Hope it's them building upon some of the movement and aerial combat systems from FFXV and fleshing them out further. FFVIIR's aerial combat left a lot to be desired so hopefully they improve in that department with FFXVI. That music though, sent chills down my spine.


Chocobo Knight
Jul 15, 2014
Wow what a trailer.
I like the medieval with fantasy themes.
I'm getting seriously XIV vibes by it's soundtrack so Soken could be the composer of XVI and also that dragoon scene. O_O
And the brutality finally a main final fantasy main game with more serious setting.
I'm interested in this, but we surely have to wait 2 years probably to release this game.
Feb 19, 2018

First thing it came to my mind while watching: medieval DMCV

Now I know why it looked so good ;)
Oh wow that's the fastest I've ever been sold on a game's combat system. In terms of combat DMC5 is one of the most satisfying games I've ever played. Looking at the trailer now I can easily see those tinier magic blasts that the character fires out being kind of like Dante and Nero's pistols for juggling and that one warping execution attack on the downed enemy looks like it was straight up ripped from V's gameplay. My hype for this game just went up exponentially, FFVIIR's gameplay was already a really fun and interesting marriage between real-time gameplay and strategic choices so I'm wondering how throwing in legit combos would work. Like maybe executing a combo correctly costs you one ATB and the more flawlessly you play the quicker your ATB regenerates for more combos that would essentially be like the special moves from FFVIIR but with more real-time input. Damn the possibilities are endless.