Final Fantasy XVI - General News Thread

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Feb 19, 2018
Considering how FFVIIRs marketing was kinda modest compared to FFXVs, because of COVID I believe, I dunno. I hope!
I'm betting that if it happens it'll be a livestream event in all likelihood.
Imo 7R marketing was more modest not because of Covid but because FF7 itself is such a big brand on its own that just having the name attached to it would do most of the marketing work.
Yeah I agree, FFVIIR isn't really a brand new numbered title and is pretty much in the spin-off territory in addition to the massive legacy that it's attached to so it makes sense that they didn't really go all out in the lead up to release. FFXVI is entirely new and as such needs as much exposure as it can get to sell people on it and get them familiar with it.
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