KINGDOM HEARTS III - General News Discussion Thread

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Guitar (pseudo)God

Blitzball Champion
Aug 14, 2016
All over it just me, or did they use a different lighting engine for this trailer? The overall impression it gives is so much better that it makes me suspicious. XD
Shared toolsets across the same company, perhaps?

I've resigned myself to getting this game on release. I'm taking the kids to see the new Wreck-It Ralph movie tomorrow; if we see this it'll confirm my decision.


Warrior of Light
Oct 30, 2016
Shared toolsets across the same company, perhaps?
Well, by all rights, the easiest way to make that trailer would be to run the scenes from the game with the resolution increased. Changing the lighting would be a lot of extra work.

The obvious choice for improving the lighting would be to have Visual Works use their renderer. I just don't think I've seen Squenix do that before. XD


Sphere Hunter
Feb 20, 2018
It will be interesting to see how long it will take to beat and how expansive the worlds are. FFXV took about 20-30 hours to beat the main campaign with a completionist playthrough clocking in close to 100 before the hunt capacity patch and off road Regalia. The GB size before the year of patching was 40.5 GB on PS4 initially. Mind that obviously FFXV was bigger GBs because of texture files, poly counts, and was using a problematic engine. Just for reference KH2 took 20-30 hours for the main campaign and took about 70 hours for completionist.