KINGDOM HEARTS III - General News Discussion Thread

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SeeD A-Class
Oct 28, 2013
Here's the best version of the trailer from the Sony E3 conference.

Those ship battles look spectacular. WOW. Definitely going to get the PS4 Pro LE when it's available for pre-order.
Likes: Cloud_CR
Feb 2, 2017
It makes sense. The 2018 Holiday is far too competitive. Rumor has it Smash is to release this holiday season. I don't think anyone wants to go up against Smash.
That doesn't make much sense. Smash is going to be a Nintendo exclusive, while KHIII is going to be on the PS4 and XBox One. I can understand your stance if the games were releasing on the same platform.
Jan 9, 2017

Kingdom Hearts III will have DLC in lieu of a Final Mix version. No Season pass is planned, however. As I suspected. @Nova and @Storm should be slightly happy about this news.
There's another point of interest in that interview; the size of KH3, from what he's saying, the fact that Nomura has concerns of KH3's size being able to fit onto a disc is something that tells me the scale of KH3 may be massive in some way, but there's no way to truly tell, but from this, I can only speculate that we may be able to have a big story at launch for KH3, but like I said, it's only speculation, I'm just commenting on something I found interesting.