Nomura vs Tabata, how well/bad they handle their projects

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Oct 26, 2013
There's no point arguing with you any further, the fact remains that the better looking XV under Nomura got canned due to SE's incompetent business management and the mediocre Tabata.
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yeah, god Nomura was occupied in reaching the record of "longest period without information for a game" with FFVIIR (basically trying to beat himself), while releasing a 83 metacritic game in the sideline, just a bit less mediocre than FFXV I guess.

poor us, we really lost a masterpiece in the making /s

easy to make something interesting with snippets of content, harder to make it reality.
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Feb 23, 2018
I may have come late to the party, but I definetly want to share my opinion here.

Having finished XV and KHIII multiple times i think that I prefer Tabata's way of direction for his title than the one Nomura had on his.

KH3 lacks tone and pacing. Being half of the game cutscenes people talking about weird mumbo jumbo that doesn't make sense neither is cool to watch. Interrupting the gameplay.
With how beatiful the game is in scenarios and animation, it feels like the game was fully intended to be this way and it definetly fails to engage me.

XV instead came with a barebones narrative but with more quality in it. It was experimental and had focus into the message. I finished the game wanting more because i cared for what it had.
The dialogue during cutscenes was incredible, the characters well depicted and had personallity. The game lacked cohesion but the story progressed having real events that affected the characters.

KHIII is full of bullshit, throwing ideas 'cause they're cool but not executing them properly and not a single character evolves.
FFXV was a half backed product at release, but had all the pieces in place and only needed more time.
I don't know how the KHIII dlc can improve the game.
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