[SPOILERS] Final Fantasy VII Remake Discussion

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Forest Owl
Mar 4, 2018
After my PS4 melted within hours of me getting FF7R in April, I finally managed to beat it (almost 6 months later lol). As someone that never fully played the original from start to finish and having no bias/attachment to FF7 as a whole - I really loved this game!

The tone, combat, visuals, music, pacing, voice acting and difficulty were top tier. This is the first SE game in a long time that feels like a real AAA game that can compete with Western AAA titles. I personally adored the alternate timelines ending for this remake series. On top of that, the decision to make the game more story focused (with lots of cutscenes) and not an open word is smart, story is always more important and this game proves that a modern action FF needs to be "linear" in order to deliver top quality storytelling. I guess I am now a fan of FF7, it blows XV away on every level, almost hard to believe it's on the same console generation as the former. Koodos to Nomura and Team for this masterpiece.