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Warrior of Light
Jul 14, 2015
Yeah, I was hoping I wasn't the only "get off my lawn" type with XC2. The more I think about it, the more I like the concepts -- just not the execution.
And I consider it a missed opportunity that Brigid slapping the hell out of Rex wasn't a Level 2 Blade Special -- 'cause I would have been mashing "B" like crazy.
Understandable, neat ideas and cool moments but hoo boy when XB2's low points rear it's head it gets quite ugly. Speaking of which:
Chapter 4 for instance, to say it was a lackluster experience would be a HUGE understatement.

That dragged out filler trite of a beginning with the bandits & kids did not need to happen in order for Roc to be Rex's new driver, period. Then when you finally reach Mor Ardain the problems just keep piling on, ranging from the encounter with Lila who i couldn't give less of a fuck about as a character to the Factory area where losing Tora and being stuck with only two party members made that section a living chore (never mind that i somehow wasted countless time getting lost at some points due the awful Compass).

Then there is Bana who is without a doubt the absolute worst side villain in the game right next to Dughall who harbors everything i hate in a cartoonish'ly evil villain (which almost makes me dislike the first half of chapter 1 even more for wasting screen time on them in the first place AND the beginning chapter 6 for bringing one of them back). Apparently one of the writers has an obsession with Noppons in general hence the focus which explains a lot, making them into an antagonist of all fuckiny things was a mistake.

I actually had to put the game down for over half a month due to pent up frustration from that horrifically written/designed chapter alone. I also feel that XB2 went a tad overboard at points with cutscene triggers to a degree where i almost feel railroaded, which makes make appreciate games like Nier that at least give me more control during various in game dialogue presentation. Didn't feel this way with XC1's honestly.

By the way i can't stress how poorly optimized XB2 is even with the latest patches, after beating the final boss on my first try the framerate during the ending itself tanked to slideshow levels of performance until the entire game froze, which forced me to reboot and face the fucking final boss all over again. It took more than several retries until i finally got another win while internally screaming my head off. I've also seen this bug reportes multiple times before so i'm not the only one who faced it for sure, christ....
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Warrior of Light
Started Monster Hunter World last weekend.

The game is pretty overwhelming, played four hours of the game and I feel the game is in an odd position where it's in a rush to teach me dozens of mechaniques at once with boring textboxes but at the same time is no hurry to explain other stuff (like how weapons work or a bunch of exploration stuff).

At the moment I can say that hunting monster is entertaining, even if I don't quite get the grasp of combat, yet.