final fantasy 15

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  1. Lulcielid

    Final Fantasy XV - Dawn of The Future -

    Premise: Writer(s): Jun Eishima Release Date(s): Japan, April/25/2019 Overseas, TBD
  2. LeonBlade

    Final Fantasy XV Modding Discussion

    Hello everyone, This thread will be a general modding discussion for Final Fantasy XV. Basically, if you want to speculate on modding, talk about some ideas, post your favorite UGC (user generated content) then this is the place to do it. As modding tools come out, this topic will remain open...
  3. Lulcielid

    "FFXV: Comrades" Online Test - Impressions

    Online Test Details Requierements: Purchase of Season Pass and a subscription to PlayStation®Plus or an Xbox Live Gold membership. Availability: August 3/2017 - August 8/2017 Playable Characters: Create, control, and save up to eight avatars. Avatars: Customize avatars with elements limited to...
  4. francknk90

    What shloud be Add and Fix to Enhance FFXV Gameplay and Experience

    Hello everyone i'm new in this forum and also happy to be now a part of it. I've been lurking around but i finally decide to join. Note excuse my bad writing english is not my native language. i know that this thead mey be a Fantasy and that the team at squeur may not look at it but who care...
  5. Lulcielid

    What content is not need to be added for the game to feel complete?

    The oposite force of this other thread. In light of the Dev Team adding stuff to the game based on fan feedback and their own plans, what fetuares do you feel are not need to be add in the game? (whether it be stuff that Tabata and team want or stuff that fans demand)
  6. Jubileus

    Just How Much Content Should Be Added For the Game to Feel Complete?

    With new videos showing people glitching their way past Cartanica and exploring Niflheim, I thought I'd start a thread and get a discussion going about the extent of how much content SE should add to the game, and the reception for said added content. There are 2 ways SE could go about this...
  7. Jubileus

    Ch13+14: Niflheim &The Origin of Daemons Story Finds

    Replayed Ch13 recently and I decided to do a more thorough investigation of the labs and rooms in this part of the game. Learned some very interesting story parts concerning daemons and the Niflheim Empire from research notes and through Arydn's trolling and so I'm gonna post them all here...
  8. Lulcielid

    How do you want the multiplayer to be implemented?

    As we know FFXV will get a multiplayer DLC dubbed Comrades sometime in the future after Episode Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto are out. Currently we don´t know how this will work, so I ask the question: How do you want it to be implemented? I would like something like the Resident Evil...
  9. C

    Streaming FFXV LP/Review from a long-time FF player

    Hey everybody my name is Critya and I have been doing some FF LPs/reviews for the last few months in preparation for FFXV's release and after finally beating it and getting a good grasp on what the game's about I have started my LP of FFXV. I do one line that's just story, and another that's...
  10. Jubileus

    Final Fantasy Versus XV?!?

    Found this on Reddit and I'm not sure what to make of this. It seems like total, utter crap and highly unlikely. But then again a few months back someone did accurately leak some story beats and scenarios for the game (didn't read the leaks but I've heard a lot of people saying that they ended...
  11. mozzafaralj

    The Legend Of Final Fantasy XV Trailer

    The Legend Of Final Fantasy XV Trailer
  12. DailyFillup

    My Interview with Darin De Paul, the Voice of Ardyn Izunia in FFXV

    Hello everyone! I wanted to share this awesome opportunity I had at New York Comic Con last weekend because I think you guys will appreciate it. The incredible Mat and Kaori from Square Enix introduced me to Darin and we had a lovely conversation about Ardyn and his other work. He is truly a...
  13. LeonBlade

    FINAL FANTASY XV Debug Menu Analysis

    :ffpointer: FINAL FANTASY XV Debug Menu Analysis :chocowalk: POTENTIAL SPOILER WARNING :chocowalk: The following content comes from the debug menus shown in the recent "Real-Time Technologies of FINAL FANTASY XV Battles" footage from SIGGRAPH 2016. The content shown in this thread may contain...
  14. Lulcielid


    As the title suggest, this is the spoiler thread for KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY XV movie. You can freely talk about them in this thread without using the spoiler tag. If anyone reading this doesn´t want spoilers....what´re you doing here in the first place? You´ve been warned.
  15. mozzafaralj

    Final Fantasy XV Fan Made Trailer

    Final Fantasy XV Fan Made Trailer Nier Automata Song
  16. DoubleH

    Should you get the resale FFXV Collector's Edition?

    Some fans scoffed at the $270 price tag for Square Enix’s Ultimate Collector’s Edition for Final Fantasy XV while others frantically refreshed the Online Store page. Within 30 minutes (20 for ps4 users!) all that remained was a depressing, grayed-out waiting list bar that might as well flash...