KINGDOM HEARTS III - General News Discussion Thread

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SOLDIER, First Class
Jun 7, 2014
That was nice. Nothing major was shown, but lots of interesting stuff regarding the gameplay as pointed in the above video (lol at floating Goofy).

And I absolutely adore the way environments look.

Wazi the pa

Samurai Legend
Site Staff
Oct 26, 2013
I love the minute bump detail on Sora's outfit, especially around his torso. His hair looks good too with each liney bit on each of the pointy sections as the strands of hair.
I also REALLY LOVE how the description didn't give the actual name of the Keyblade, suggesting it's spoiler related or TBA.

What I find interesting is the description blatantly detailing his outfit is directly tied to Sora's 3D outfit which comes into play that there will be no (immediate) mystery as to why Sora's outfit is like that when we get to play KH3.
However, it's pretty obvious that Sora is just channeling those powers gained from the sleeping world to the light & dark worlds.

Overall, an impressive Play Arts Kai figure. Much more impressive than recent figures.


SeeD A-Class
Oct 28, 2013
I never understood why this game was coming to the X1 in the first place. Granted, the cancellation is still in the realm of rumor. An image removal isn't an official say so. Could just be an error in the web page for all we know.

Hey Everyone

Keyblade Master
Dec 30, 2016
Unknown, Unknown
it's fixed it's coming to xbox, hopefully after the console versions it comes to steam along with FFXV, KH 1.5+2.5, 2.8, AND KH3, FF7 REMAKE PART 1, PART 2, AND PART 3, FINAL FANTASY XVI, FINAL FANTASY DISSIDIA 2015, OH AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XV.